Deana Carter (or rather: her feet) plus a few fan feet...:

Deana's feet are those to the outsides... the one to the far laft, and the far right (both toe-ringed. :)) The other feet belong to a staff members from "Around Midnight, who seem not only to like Deana's music, but also have understood that her way of footwear is good-looking, feeling well, and - most of all - the healthiest way to walk! (Thanks for the information on that to Mario A. Marin, a fellow DSS barefooter. :))

Deana also seems not to believe that bare feet are in any way inappropriate - she performs always barefoot, appears sans shoes on TV, be it for performances, or interviews, and she also accepted her best single and best song of the year awards at the 1997 Country Music Awards in her bare feet.

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