Female celebrities in their bare feet:

Sophie B. Hawkins: In the videos to her most famous single hits Damn - I wish I was your lover and Right Beside You she danced and moved to her music barefoot... both videos got an extra note of sensuality, grace and power by that (in my opinion, that is...)

Marla Glen: The African American and openly lesbian R&B artist has distinct clothing preferences: formal men's suits (mostly grey), men's hats, bare feet... This is her standard outfit, and in various interviews she admitted, that she'd like to walk barefoot for the rest of her life... Her music, her engagement within the lesbian scene and her preference for bare feet make her a blend of specialties not easy to overlook in the music business. And as for her voice - it has to be heard to be believed...

Marie Fredriksson , the female part of Roxette has displayed pedal nudity in almost all videos of the band... Best known example is the video of Crash! Boom! Bang! (Nifty name for a ballad, really.. :)), where she was seen in a white gown, with a black anklet and bare feet, while ascending stairs set in a dreamscape-like set. Wonderful to behold, really. Just like this picture of her, with her bare feet buried in the sand of the beach she's sitting on...

Bobo (not to be mistaken with D.J. Bobo , a guy who I think should drop the 'DJ' bit from his name, as he does not play records in a club, but rather sells lots of records to screaming 13-year-olds...), has become famous with her album Bobo in White Wooden Houses , and has also always been one of those non-categorizable characters in the music scene. Advertizing her new album glow , which features her and the London Session Orchestra, she is seen twice, both times barefoot, standing,and (as seen here) looking terrified (perhaps), crouching. The advert tells us that it is a classically orchestrated and arranged pop music album... so it might even be interesting to purchase it... (hey, since this picture is taken from the German WOM Journal , an advert magazine, no more, no less, they did start the advert fire. :))))

Suzanne Vega has been one of the women in music since the 1980s, and both herself (and her various styles) and her fans are a special part of the music scene since then... Like so many other musicians and artist, she, too, looks best in her bare feet (and one can believe she felt best in them when this photo was taken, too. By the way: this is the backcover of the promo version of her single Caramel ).
Sheryl Crow once sang All I Wanna Do Is Have Some Fun , and it sure looks like she is having fun, sitting here, lit by warm, golden sun rays, plucking away on her guitar, relaxed, and barefoot. Now tell me if you think that the picture would look nicer if she were shod...! I don't think so (what a surprise, eh...? :))
Heather Nova, best known perhaps for her song Walk this World, is seen here in a promotional picture... but she does not only don her shoes for promo reasons... last year, at the open-air festival at the Lorelei (Germany, June 22, 1996), she performed in her bare feet... and one can say that it truly befitted her performance and outfit.
Christina Applegate, still best known for her part in the TV sitcom Married with Children, there playing the 'bumpkin' Kelly Bundy, is here seen in a very stylish, business-like outfit. And here, too, bare feet are wonderfully complementing formal outfit as well.
Drew Barrymore is hardly unknown in Hollywood. From her childhood part in ET on, she was acting, and then, during her youuth became famous (or, perhaps, notorious, rather) for her drug and sexual escapades. This youth she had did mark her growing up into now one of the most special and individualist women in Hollywood. Some still regard her as the enfant terrible of Tinseltown, others call her a genius. Anyway, she is a special person, and so far, I only have met and encountered special people to enjoy walking barefoot (judging the picture, she enjoys it, too...).
Terry Farrell is, as I would think, best known to the Star Trek fandom for her role of the Trill Lt. Jadzia Dax in Star Trek - Deep Space Nine. Here we see her, not with the characteristic spots, but rather photographed as if to enact a priestess of sorts, in flowing robes, in her bare feet. Other pictures done in the same style showed her sans shoes as well. So, she apparently enjoys it being barefoot. Keep them bare!
Linda Hamilton is not unknown in Hollywood as well, but has, after her appearances in the Terminator movies, always been identified with the action heroine. Before that, she was identified with the romantic heroine, after her role in the TV series Beauty and the Beast. Her last and most recent film appearance alongside Pierce Brosnan in Dante's Peak was another action film (although it was this time not her fighting a cyborg...). She was not barefoot in that one, but rather in Terminator 2, making her in-character escape from a psychiatric facility in her bare feet. (The picture shows her on the T2 set, barefoot.)

Joan Baez and Judy Collins surely will be remembered as two of the best-known of the folk queens of the 1960s in the US and abroad. Just like Joni Mitchell, who is, however depicted here shod.
Barefoot in this picture: Judy Collins (2nd on the left) and Joan Baez (right)
Sandie Shaw became most famous for performing in her bare feet at the European Grand Prix de la Chanson Eurovision, where she won with her song Puppet on a String. And she might have been the one prompting other musicians to perform barefoot, when she did so in the mid-sixties... but, whether this is true or not, she has had some influence as far as that is concerned.

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