Male celebrities in their bare feet:

Chris Robinson, vocalist of the Black Crowes, displaying black feet at an open-air concert, backstage (well, actually, just black toe nails, since he does not show the soles...). Now to guess: was this picture taken before or after the gig? He looks a wee bit knackered there. :)
Jon Bon Jovi , one of the hard rock types, likes not only to play hard tunes, but also to tread hard grounds... :) In his bare feet, of course. At least one video showing this is Bad Medicine . There are others, I'm sure... and thinking about his outfit, a guitar slung over his shoulder, bare feet... well, that surely makes him look like the classic 60s singer, doesn't it....? Maybe it's just a fashion idea in his case.. or maybe he has realized what a delightful and healthy way of walking this is... One never knows...

Billy Joel: He has been seen in videos and on CD covers/backcovers in his bare feet (particularly on the backcover of his album Streetlife Serenader ), looking not quite uncomfortable thus... The Piano Man seems to share my (and others') taste concerning comfortable footwear.

Sting has been seen on many occasions on his bare feet as well, especially in the old (but still good) Police video (I am referring to the band...!) to their song Wrapped Around Your Finger . Here, he seems to be exemplifying the phantom law regarding driving a car in one's bare feet (it might have been advised against this, but it is in no way forbidden to do so!)

Freddie Mercury was a singer, songwriter and musician about whom I really needn't say anything further, or do I...? Oh, perhaps this much: he frequently performed barefoot... Another piece of proof of his genius, maybe? Or rather just the instinct that it's the most natural and best-feeling thing? Whatever may have been the case, he did so.

Simon LeBon - The singer of Duran Duran , here seen in his bare feet on a couch, in the video of the song Save a Prayer . And this was not the only video, Simon appeared in with naked feet... It seems, that he enjoys it, or thinks it being stylish - quite rightly so... (even though Save a Prayer is an older video of DD , he has also been seen in other more recent videos barefoot.). And I think it also befits their music, in a way - especially thinking about the ballads.

Harry Connick Jr. may be a name you do not know instantly... but you will remember the 'unfortunate' fighter pilot, wingman of Will Smith in Independence Day ...? There you go, that's him. He is better known for making Jazz music, and has some ideas about the style and integrity of Jazz music, as a whole, thinking that a combination of Jazz and HipHop, for instance, would be like jumping into a mudhole, wearing the finest suit on Earth. For him, Jazz is tie-and-suit, high-style music. Then, it is glad to see, that he seems to deem barefeet stylish enough to pose in them for this picture (see above: Simon LeBon... he looks stylish in a suit with bare feet... bare feet do have style. So there! :))

Motörhead . This name needs no further explanation, I believe... and as you can see: (bottom right) at least one band member thinks too, that bare feet rock. :))
Jean-Claude Van Damme, Belgium's top-class martial-arts-acting export to Hollywood has no problems with looking styly in his bare feet... and he should know that walking barefoot has its advantages.. after all, in martial arts training, bare feet are preferred since they provide the best stability on the gym floor... keep 'em bare, Jean-Claude... :)

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